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Once you subscribe to a monthly web design package, your website will be ready for review in 7 business days. This service has been designed for small business owners who would prefer to pay for a website on monthly basis (in small amounts) as compared to paying a lump sum. All our pay monthly websites are highly optimized and fully managed by our team of WordPress experts.

Solo - $64.99 per month

Startup Business - Monthly website packages are designed to make it easy for any willing business owner to get solid online presence and grow their businesses without feeling the burden of making a one time payment for their website. Our monthly subscription web design packages are not only affordable but are worth much more as compared to other plans offered online.

Pro   - $249.99 per month

Fully Managed Website - All websites developed under our monthly packages, are covered by our Wordpress care plan. As long as you renew your monthly website subscription, we will constantly protect, monitor, and fix your website.